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Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas!

As we draw close to Christmas and the end of a very strange year, there is a great temptation to buck the normal trend and forego the typical ‘year in review’ rhetoric. After all, I suspect that most individuals and organisations will end up with much the same content, one obvious headline having dominated globally. But scratch below the surface and we can see that despite all the challenges it’s been an incredible year of achievement for many. “Business continuity”, “disaster recovery” and “BAU” became the absolute goal for many organisations and I doubt that anyone ever expected standing still and sheer survival (both personal and professional!) would take so much effort, and feel so gratifying – perhaps we will no longer consider growth with such complacency again.

And we’ve collectively learned a lot too – we can transform sometimes global businesses in a matter of days from a handful of physical locations into a massively distributed network, we’ve remembered the absolute importance of people, that IT today truly is an enabler, how when we’re forced to do something differently we can often do it better, and how an organisation’s values allow it to sink or swim in such times of challenge. We’ve also learned that when a semblance of normality returns, so too do many of our old habits…

So to all of our friends, colleagues and clients, particularly those we have spent time with during 2020, we wish you a very well deserved Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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