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Spider Impact – Visualising Strategy & Performance

Strategy and performance management, along with Excellence, sit at the very heart of what we do here at East Harbour Associates. We’ve helped numerous clients large and small to maximise their potential through the development, capture and application of strategy. Successful implementation is the central tenet that drives positive outcomes, and implementing a world class, dedicated solution can be a significant aid to achieving this.

Spider Impact is just such a solution, providing the insight to maximise organisational performance through strategic data visualisation, team alignment, communication, and robust initiative management… bringing your strategy to life. As our ‘go to’ performance management solution for many years we’ve implemented Spider solutions on countless occasions and watched with interest how the products have developed. Now combining all previous offerings (Scoreboard, Quickscore and Connect) within a single solution, whilst still operating a highly cost effective pricing model, Spider have taken a giant step forward.

If you’d like to know more about the product you can view their brochure here or visit Spider’s website, or for a discussion about how the solution may help your specific organisation, and even a demonstration of the core functionality, please contact

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