• Performance

    We help you to orchestrate superior performance across your organisation.

    Monitor, manage and improve performance using cost effective enterprise class technology to deliver agile, high impact dashboards and reports, enabling better results and outcomes.  Measure what really matters and close the performance gap.

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  • Strategy, Performance & Innovation

    We help public and private sector organisations to achieve goals, improve performance and innovate for great ideas.  

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  • Information Assurance

    We help you review policies, procedures and technology in line with evolving legislation and compliance obligations.

    We have CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) and GDPR Practitioner expertise in this complex area and can help by offering a number of undertakings.

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  • Excellence

    We help you to embed outstanding practices that achieve superlative results in the pursuit of excellence.

    The definition of “excellence” is quite simple: it is the quality of being outstanding.  The pursuit of excellence is rarely so simple.

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  • Innovation

    We help stimulate, capture and develop great ideas that improve your organisation.

    Unlock value that is hidden within your employees, partners, customers or communities through social innovation.  The crowd can help you to do things better.

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  • Strategy

    We help you to develop and execute your strategy, achieve goals and dramatically improve results.

    We ensure that your strategic goals are measurable, actionable and accountable whilst embedding the goals firmly within the organisation.

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  • Risk

    We help you to identify risks, develop measures and implement controls.

    We help organisations to identify critical risks, develop key indicators to monitor the likelihood of those risks materialising, and assist with the implementation of the controls necessary to minimise them.

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  • Our Services

  • Why Choose East Harbour

    East Harbour Associates Limited helps public and private sector organisations to achieve goals, improve performance and implement change. Our clients range from government bodies and global blue chip enterprises through to small businesses across diverse industries. Connect with us to find out how we help innovate for great ideas, implement strategy, drive performance improvement and transform businesses.
  • So, what do we actually do in practice?

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